I don’t think there’s ever been a time in my life when things have gone smoothly. Very few things have lived up to the expectations that were set for me. In the first issue of HUBRIS: The Journal of Cultural Horror I wrote about growing up outside of Allentown, knowing with certainty what my adult life was going to be like, and graduating from high school just as the Billy Joel song¬†shattering that illusion came out. People you trust end up doing things that disappoint you. Your heroes are revealed to have feet of clay. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and all of the hard work and clean living the world is no guarantee that you won’t[…]

Last week I went to my favorite grocery store for one of my twice-weekly shopping trips and it was closed! They were shut down for three days for a reset, which is crazy because I though it was perfect the way it was. I like it because it’s spacious and open, with wide aisles and low shelves. You can stand anywhere in the store and see everywhere in the store. At least, you could. They remodeled my favorite grocery store! I’ve been shopping in this same store since we first arrived in Finland. They have 99% of what I need at reasonable prices. It’s withing comfortable walking distance in any weather. I know — I knew — where everything was,[…]

When it comes to social media I think that people have forgotten, or never knew, the lessons of Marshall McLuhan. The world is shaped not so much by the content that a particular medium carries, but by the medium itself, what it can do, and how it is utilized. The medium is the message. We don’t lack reliable sources of information on the internet; we’ve just turned it into a repository for cat pictures, pornography, and political echo chambers. To deviate a bit from what McLuhan intended, the choices creative people make regarding the media we use becomes part of the statement we’re making with our creations. There are different possibilities within each medium, they are perceived differently, and they[…]

My anxiety is starting to spiral a bit. I’m being careful about how much social media I consume, and what I say in public. There are any number of subjects that I’d like to chime in on, but I don’t trust myself to be objective and reserved. So today I’m going to talk about cilantro, tomato, and Turkish yogurt. I know that not everyone can eat cilantro (known here as coriander, or korianteri). There’s a genetic thing that makes it taste like soap to some people. Katie feels bad for you, because you’re missing out on so much. It’s a staple of so much South Asian and Mexican cuisine. Sour cream isn’t a thing here, so we’ve adapted to using[…]

Last week there was an article making the rounds that got a lot of people into a tizzy. It took the average amount an American family spends on fast food, and showed how many groceries that money would buy. The point was to demonstrate that it’s cheaper to stay home and cook than to go out or have something delivered. Of course, this being the 21st century and the internet, someone had to write a rebuttal. I could think of a few¬† fair points that could be made. There are a lot of food deserts in the United States, where fresh meat and produce simply isn’t available or is ridiculously expensive. People work multiple jobs, or have to juggle a[…]