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Berin Kinsman is an author and game designer. He is also the Chief Creative Officer for Asparagus Jumpsuit™, an independent publishing company. Berin has been involved with the tabletop roleplaying game hobby since 1979, and was one of the earliest RPG bloggers. He is the creator of Starship Tyche™, Kaiju Patrol™, the Santa Claus Conquers the Martians tabletop roleplaying game, the upcoming Forager’s Guild™, and has also done third party design work for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

His formal education includes a background in liberal arts, and theology. A devotee of lifelong learning, Berin is an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction, and has an ongoing interest in education, social psychology, and marketing. On a more practical level, he recently earned an additional Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Entrepreneurship.

Berin is committed to volunteer work and community service. He has worked with various organizations that aid the homeless, and was a founding member of Community of Hope in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He has served in neighborhood associations and church councils, and is currently the President of his local tenant committee.

After spending nearly a quarter of a century in the American southwest, he now lives in Jyväskylä, Finland with his wife, the artist and educator Katie Kinsman.

Selected Bibliography

Starship Tyche Roleplaying Game
Starship Tyche, powered by Fate Accelerated Edition, lets you assume the role of a starship crew member. Be a dashing captain, a most rational scientific officer, a humanist medical officer, or a brilliant engineer. Be any sort of alien race you please. Explore the far reaches of outer space! Meet interesting aliens, godlike beings, mad computers, and battle the forces of the T’Leng Empire in the name of the Coalition of United Planets! Boldly go wherever your imagination takes you!

Kaiju Patrol Roleplaying Game
When the Futurons from Golden Planet 713 invade the Earth, they use giant monsters under their control to bring chaos and destruction to cities all over the world! Only fearless members of the Patrol can save the day! Kaiju Patrol is inspired by Japanese tokusatsu programs, live-action special effects films and television shows. If you love Godzilla, Ultraman, Giant Robo, Power Rangers, or any similar science fiction epics along those lines, this game is for you!

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Roleplaying Game
50 years ago the classic holiday film Santa Claus Conquers the Martians premiered on the big screen! In an alternate universe somewhere, it was wildly successful and spun off into a television series the following year. It took its place among other popular and beloved shows of the day that combined fantasy, reality, and campy theatrics. Shows like My Favorite Martian, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Batman, Lost in Space, The Addams Family, and The Munsters. This roleplaying game is based on the expanded universe of that television series! Powered by the Fate Accelerated Edition rules, you can play a human, an elf, a Martian, a robot, or even Santa Claus himself! Battle the forces of Voldar’s rebellion! Opposes the secret agents of NYET, who think Santa has the key to winning the Space Race! Spread joy and good cheer to all of the good girls and boys, on Earth and Mars!

Forager’s Guild Roleplaying Game
A middle path fantasy roleplaying game that has features of a traditional RPG blended with the creative freedom of modern story games.

Assorted Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Projects
Character generation aids, stat blocks for pregenerated characters, and stat blocks for variant monsters.

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