Today we went out looking for fans. The first department store we visited was completely sold out. We were, apparently, not the only people to have the brilliant idea of combating the heat. The next department store did not carry fans. Ever. There’s no demand for them, normally, so they don’t bother. Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it, apparently. The third and final place did have fans, but they were out of most models including the type I was looking for. So we bought two small 23 cm (9 inch) fans for €12 each. We could have hopped on a bus and gone downtown, or shopped online, but we really didn’t want to wait. It’s miserable.[…]

Nope, I’m not going to talk about who’s in Helsinki today. That’s one of two things I moved to Finland to get away from. The other was the heat. It’s currently 30° Celsius here in Central Finland. That’s 86° Fahrenheit, for the Americans in the audience. They’re predicting that it could hit 32° tomorrow, and that this heat will last the rest of the week. We may get some rain on Saturday, but I fear that’s just going to add to the humidity, which is already over 50%. What’s the opposite of Hell freezing over? A Nordic heat wave. Yes, July is the warmest month here. Sometimes it’s the only warm month. That’s why entire businesses shut down. Everyone goes on[…]

In this episode, Katie and Berin talk about the Finnish heat wave and their summer shopping spree. They discuss how satisfying and meaningful it is to acquire that one “just right” right thing, rather than a lot of random mediocre things. There’s also a conversation about unicorns. Why I Paint My Nails Vito Unicorleone Special Thanks Pertti Ankkuri Petri Nurmi Gary Weller Support Our Patreon Berin’s Blog Katie’s Instagram

Basic facts: I am over 50 years old, I am lactose intolerant, and I live in the Nordics where there is very little sunlight most of the year. All of these add up to a calcium deficiency. While I address this by eating calcium-rich foods and taking supplements, my fingernails are still brittle. My job is banging on a keyboard all day, so I need to take care of my nails so they’re not breaking constantly. So I paint my nails. There are clear coats that can be used that are virtually invisible. Most of those are meant to go over polish, though. Over bare nails, it peels right off. There are things you can put on nails to nourish[…]

Over the past few days I’ve made several attempts to write a new post. Every time I’ve deleted them, usually before I got more than a couple of paragraphs in. I’d start with a premise that I thought I wanted to write about, and then realize that it wasn’t a topic I was willing to get into an argument with people about. So it’s been nothing but false starts and anxiety spirals. Today someone reminded me of an article that I wrote eons ago, on another website. I think I’d blocked it out of my memory. What I remember is someone linking to it on a forum, because they thought it was cool. A few other people chimed in and[…]