On Writing “Hottest Titles”

Flag No SleepLast week a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game release that I wrote, called Drow Hide: Dark Elves Reskinned, reached #13 on RPGNow’s Hottest Titles list. Two other titles reached #14 and #24, meaning I had three titles in the top 25 at the same time.

This week a new release, Ratfolk Hide: Humanoid Vermin Reskinned reached #12 on the same list, the highest I’ve ever achieved. Two other titles released the same day only reached #33 and #34, not as good as the previous week, but I’m not complaining; 3 products in the Top 35 is still great!

I’d really like to crack the Top 10, and someday even have something hit #1. I’ll get there eventually, I have no doubt. I’m just happy that things are selling relatively well, and that money is flowing into the “trip to Finland” fund.

No Sleep ‘Til Finland™

My wife Katie has been an elementary school art teacher for 10 years. Now she’s been accepted to graduate school and will be working on her Masters in Education at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland! It will be a major juxtaposition, going from the desert Southwest of Albuquerque, New Mexico to frozen Scandinavia, but this is a fantastic opportunity to work within one of the best education systems in the world! To raise the money to get us there we’re doing everything we can, including selling off nearly everything we own!

The Monster Hide series is one of many projects I’m working on with the express purpose of getting us to Finland. Every dollar made on this project goes directly toward helping my wife further her education.

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