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Flag No SleepAfter months of feeling like we’re in a holding pattern, the plan to move to Finland suddenly accelerates. It’s a bit like being on a roller coaster; we’ve been on the slow climb to the top, enjoying the view, listening to that rattling chain, not really able to do much of anything. Then we’re over the top, where the ride really begins, and we’re picking up speed. We still have months to go before we leave, but there’s so much to do it seems overwhelming.

To better document this journey, I’ve been making some changes to the site. If you’re a relatively new reader, you probably haven’t noticed. If you’re a long-time reader, the tweaks might seem more substantial to you. One of the biggest changes has been to the categories and tags. From my side of things, I needed to better organize my thoughts and try a bit harder to avoid topic drift. From the perspective of the reader, I wanted to make things easier to navigate and search, and maybe set up a better narrative flow. Different people come to this site looking for different things, and now, hopefully, you can find what you’re looking for a bit easier.

The “No Sleep” category for new posts allows me to keep people informed about what’s happening to Katie and I, and how our lives are going as we get ready for this journey. It scales well to covering how we’re doing once we’ve got boots on the ground in Finland as well. I’ve still got a static “about” page, for the quick hit, but having a category makes this site more of a living document or an open letter to friends, family, supporters, and other interested parties.



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  1. Your first sentence reminds me of the international adoption process. Months of nothing followed by a phone call saying we had only a few weeks to get ready to leave the country for an extended period of time.

    1. There are things that have to be done in a certain order, and things that can’t be done until other things are done, and there are things that can only be done so far in advance. So while we’re been preparing for over a year now, there’s a bottleneck of things that I wish we could have been working on, but we haven’t been able to do until we’re only a few months out. It’s nerve-wracking.

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