The Married Couple Podcasting Experience

Katie and I were wandering around an American-themed amusement park on the 4th of July, having another one of those “Royal with Cheese” conversations. We were amused with the almost cartoonish view Finnish pop culture has of the United States, where it’s either eternally the 1950s (Elvis! John Wayne! Cadillac! Harley Davidson!) or somewhere in the mid-1980s (Heavy Metal! David Hasselhoff!). Since this was our first summer, and we’ve been in Finland for almost a year, we started talking about how things here are almost the same as they are year. While there are some big differences (language, for a start), it’s really the little differences that start to add up and have the most impact.

Somewhere in the midst of this conversation, Katie said that we should do a podcast. Neither one of us has really had the time to do any dedicated blogging about the expat life in Finland. I did some YouTube videos when we first got here, but that got boring for me (Katie will not appear on camera, so it was just me, talking into space) and was probably boring for the handful of viewers it attracted. A pdocast, though, seemed doable. I already had the bare minimum equipment to do it. Katie’s website had sat untouched since we left Albuquerque, so we had the space. It would basially be the two of us sitting down at the kitchen table, having a conversation about one aspect of life here.

We recorded the first episode on Sunday, and it went live yesterday. You can hear it over at Katie’s website, or download the MP3 to listen to at at your leisure. We’ll be doing one a week, with a different topic about being American expats living in Finland each episode.


On a side note, today would have been the 100th birthday of the woman who basically raised me, my grandmother. Her favorite flower was lily of the valley, and they grow wild all over the place here. Since it’s legal to pick wildflowers, Katie has had them in the house several times. Every time I see them and smell them, I think of my grandmother.

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