The Feast of Stephen in Finland

Christmas is a three-day holiday in Finland so everything is still closed on the 26th, the Feast of Stephen. You might find a few restaurants and convenience stores open if you look hard enough, but most people have stocked up on essential items so they won’t have to. It’s the day to spend with friends and family. If it’s cold enough, which it hasn’t been this year, you go ice skating and play in the snow. Since St. Stephen is the patron saint of horses, some people go horseback riding, or go on sleigh rides. It’s also why there is so much horse imagery associated with Christmas in the Nordic countries.

If the weather is decent, which pretty much means anything but rain, Katie and I will probably go for a walk. We’ll appreciate the quiet, because the Christmas Peace is still in effect. If any friends are around, we might get together and play board games. We’ll probably just continue what we did yesterday, which is sit around in our pajamas snacking on leftovers, watching movies, and enjoying having nowhere to be and nothing to do.

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