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2 thoughts on “Path

  1. I’ve been enjoying the photos. I especially like this one. It looks like the viewer is about to head into shadows where the trolls and ogres are lurking. I can seen how so much of the mythology and legends of that part of the world have a dark aspect to them. When you’re in a forest of evergreens and the Sun only shines for part of the day (I’m not thinking summer here; I know you get lots of daylight then.), it’s easy to have a thread of darkness in your stories.

    Anyway, thanks for the photos. It’s been interesting to see that part of the world through your eyes. And thanks for the link to the Corman book. I’ll have to check it out.

  2. This is along the lake by our apartment. The path actually heads into a residential neighborhood, but there are all sorts of hidden things within that neighborhood — like a park, a stream, and another small lake, all tucked away through twisty streets and paths through the woods. Finland is mystery.

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