Roleplaying Group Dynamics

How can you get your game group to work better together and have more fun?

Most of you don’t need to be told how to play well with others. Unfortunately, you’ll run into people who do. For whatever reason, they never learned this particular set of social skills. Sitting down to play a game with them can be like herding cats — occasionally entertaining, but mostly frustrating. You’ll wonder if you’re wasting your time, and begin to think about other things you could be doing that involve less hassle. I have seen people leave groups, and quit the hobby entirely not because they didn’t enjoy roleplaying or love the campaign they were in, but because no one knew how to coordinate a group or deal with difficult players.

Group Dynamics helps you to facilitate your group so everyone gets their needs met, learns to cooperate for mutual benefit, and has more fun telling stories together! Designed for all tabletop roleplayers from newbees to veterans, with clear step-by-step instructions you can:

  • Grasp the four principles of facilitating a game group
  • Understand player needs and how to meet them
  • Embrace basic group logistics for clarity and reliability
  • Manage table talk and channel distraction
  • Identify and deal with various types of difficult players

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