Roleplaying Alignment

How can you make alignment more useful and meaningful in your roleplaying games?

Roleplaying Alignment presents a system for using the traditional nine-point alignment system to enrich your game. It presents alignment as a means for customizing your character’s personality, goals, and beliefs. Simple mechanics reward characters who embody the tenets of their alignment, and penalize those who stray from it. Alignment can answer questions about a character’s stance toward morality, provide fodder to continue the never-ending conversations about good versus evil and law versus chaos.

Roleplaying Alignment was designed for tabletop roleplayers who play games using legacy categories of ethical and moral perspectives. With clear step-by-step instructions you can:

  • Define alignment in the context of character and setting
  • Understand the physiological, sociological, and psychological elements of alignment
  • Explore the basic tenets of the nine alignments
  • Utilize compliance and deviation from alignment

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