How Can You Tell Better Stories with a Tabletop Roleplaying Game?

readwriteroll-coverReadWriteRoll is a system for readers, writers, and roleplayers who love telling stories with friends! It combines familiar d20-style mechanics with story game sensibilities to create a simple system designed around the way stories are constructed.

The core mechanic is simple – roll a d20, add modifiers, and determine if the total is high or low, even or odd. If the total is high, you succeed! If it’s low, you fail. If the total is an even number, you narrate your success or failure. If the total is odd, the gamemaster or your opponent gets to describe you success or failure.

The game also uses risk dice, polyhedrals from a d4 to d12 that allow you to influence your level of success or failure. The bigger the die type, the bigger the risk. The bigger the risk, the greater your possible success — and the larger the consequences for failure!

ReadWriteRoll is divided into three sections:

  • The first helps you to determine the type of story you want to tell, and allows the gamemaster to put together a setting alone or collaboratively with the rest of the group.
  • The second section is character creation, so you can create the protagonists, antagonists, and supporting cast needed to populate your story!
  • The final section contains the rules, everything you need to play the game and tell your story!

Go to DriveThruRPG and click on Full-size Preview to read the first few pages for free!

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