Katie in Finland: Reintroducing Ourselves

In this episode, Katie and Berin reintroduce themselves for the benefit of all the new listeners. Discussion includes Finnish language skills, living frugally, and clutter.

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2 thoughts on “Katie in Finland: Reintroducing Ourselves

  1. So apparently I am not the only crazy person who has been binge listening to your podcasts! When I was home on sick leave 3 weeks ago, I ended up listening to one of your podcasts on Youtube by accident. I just kept listening and now 3 weeks later I have listened to all your 60+ Katie in Finland podcasts!

    As a Finn I find it interesting to hear your perceptions on things I take for granted, and on the other hand I also learn something about the US, a place I have never visited. I love the way you two are looking at things critically and I don’t understand how anyone can be offended by your discussions. Your comments, as you say, are based on your own observations and experiences. Since you have lived in Finland for only 2 years, it is natural that some facts are not 100 percent accurate, but I would argue that also many native Finns get many facts about their own country wrong. So don’t worry, most of the stuff you have been discussing is fairly accurate.

    But yeah, some problems are more prevalent in the Helsinki region (Pääkaupunkiseutu, includes Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen), where 20 percent of Finland’s population live including me, compared to the much smaller Jyväskylä. Many Finns like to complain about all and everything, but they don’t seem to realize that, although there are some problems in Finland too, in almost every other country on this planet (don’t know about other planets) things are worse than in Finland. So when foreigners are saying things are good here they really mean it. And also as I belong to the small Swedish-speaking minority, it may be easier for me to take a step outside the bubble and see problems that the majority does not see or choose to ignore. Although this is a civilized country for the most part, we Finnish Swedes must often put up with all kinds of less than nice comments and stereotypes from the majority, so we understand the problems of immigrants and refugees. And no, not all Finnish Swedes are wealthy aristocrats and nobles. In fact, a large majority of them are just normal middle class people like everybody else.

    Finally my regards to Katie, Legos are great! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I am a 39 year old man and I have a nice collection of legos. They are kind of my stress relief.

    Okay, this ended up being a longer comment than I intended. I really like your podcasts, so already looking forward to the next one!

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