Create: Productivity, Opportunity, and Resource Management

“You have to create your life. You have to carve it, like a sculpture.”

-William Shatner

My wife Katie is an art teacher. I’m both a writer and an entrepreneur. Naturally, we’ve had many conversations about creativity. Where does it come from? Can it be taught? Is there a way to measure it? Everyone understands that it’s important, even when few people can clearly define what “it” is.

One thing Katie and I agree on is that creativity essential to problem solving. You take what you know, and the things you already know how to do, and are able to apply them to new situations. It requires imagination, but it also relies on an ability to see objective reality. You start with an understanding of the true problem and the resources available, then figure out how you can leverage those to get what you need and want.

The word create is not only in my tag line (simplify – create – thrive), it’s very firmly in the middle of that mini-manifesto. It’s what the other elements revolve around and are anchored by. I simplify my life for a reason — so that I have the resources and the space to focus on the core of my life, being a writer. The reason I thrive is because I’m able to express myself, and make a living doing the creative work that I love. Creativity is something that I’m able to apply in all aspects of my life, in order to keep things both simple and prosperous.

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