Roleplaying Emotion

 How can you express your character’s feelings without embarrassing yourself?

Sometimes the hardest thing to do in a tabletop roleplaying game is engage with the roleplaying part. It’s not that we have a shortage of ideas on how our characters would behave. Their abilities aren’t a mystery to us, and we know how to use them to our tactical advantage. Things break down when we have to perform the characters. As people. In character. With feelings and reactions and all of that messy, potentially embarrassing stuff.

Roleplaying Emotion helps you to understand the character’s emotions within the context of the story goal, their personal goals, and their motivations. When this are going well, the character will express things like affection, contentment, happiness, hope, and respect. When things go poorly, they’ll express anger, disgust, fear, sadness, and shame.

Designed for creative tabletop roleplayers of all levels of experience, with clear step-by-step instructions you can:

  • Understand how to portray positive and negative emotions
  • Learn how to describe degrees of emotional states
  • Utilize 5 core positive emotions, centered on joy
  • Utilize 5 core negative emotions, centered on pain
  • Use emotions to gain modifiers on die rolls for tasks

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