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As we head into the new year, I want get out of the apartment more often. It’s not a resolution, or even a goal. I certainly wouldn’t classify it as a need. I just miss working in libraries and coffee shops, the way I did back in Albuquerque. They’re quiet, pleasant spaces, generally free from distractions. The change of scenery can spark some creativity, especially since it doesn’t always have to be the same library, or the same coffee shop.

When we were getting ready to move to Finland, going out to write was a necessity. To help save money, we got rid of the internet at home. It was cheaper to burn some gas and hit a coffee shop a couple of times per week than it was to pay the extortionary rates charge by the lone internet provider in our area. Here, decent internet is included in the rent. There’s been no justification to spend the money to work anywhere else, especially during the “famine” side of the inevitable feast-or-famine cycle of freelancing. Transportation time cuts into productive time, and when you need to churn continuously to make rent, it’s a luxury. During the winter, I also have this fear that I’ll slip, fall, and break my laptop. It’s not only been not financially viable, it’s seemed economically risky.

Buy Me a Coffee

Over the years, people have asked for an easy way to support this blog and other endeavors like the podcast. They might not be interested in the books that I publish, but they want to contribute toward the free content that I generate. Now you can — you can buy me a coffee, via the nice people at ko-fi! Click the button in the sidebar, or one of the links that I’ll be strategically sneaking into future posts, and you can donate the cost of a cup of coffee to the cause. It all goes directly into my PayPal account – ko-fi doesn’t even take a cut!

I will literally use the donations for coffee. Also bus fare to and from the coffee shop, and possibly a sandwich once in a while, but mainly coffee. Having a small budget to get out of the apartment just once per week will not only have positive impacts on my productivity, but my physical and mental health. I get kind of stir crazy sitting in the apartment all the time, especially during the winter. Even walking to and from the bus stop is some fresh air and exercise. Buying me a coffee will also help me to justify continuing the blog and the podcast, when I could be using that time to create things that help to pay the bills. It’s a small treat with big benefits.

You can find the “buy me a coffee” button on the sidebar, and a link appears with my social media information below.

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2 thoughts on “Buy Me a Coffee

  1. I think the idea to get out and air out your head is a good one, because sitting in one spot day after day and not seeing people (leaving aside socializing) is bound to make you a bit stir-crazy.

    I also think the idea to let people who want to support you but don’t really want your books a way to buy you coffee is a great one, because unlike signing up for recurring donations, this is something that people who have enjoyed the content you create, can easily do without making a massive hole in their budgets.

    So, yes.

    1. Thanks, V. That was the other point that I forgot to make – something like a Patreon is an ongoing committment both me and the donor. If I need to walk away from the blog for a few weeks to deal with a project, I don’t want anyone to feel I owe them something. If people just one to make a one-off donation, they can as they are willing and able to do so.

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