Defeating the Oncoming Darkness

Stress is the disconnect between the way things are and the way we want them to be. I’m not sure who first said that — it might have been Thich Nhat Hahn, in one of the many books of his that I have read. At the moment I’m unable to source the quote, but we seem to be living in a world driven by that notion. Everyone wants to live in a world that matches their subjective ideology, not in objective reality.

At the present moment, I am grateful for my Buddhist practice. It has taught me to see reality as it is, and to deal with things as they are. Having information has helped me to avoid situations that would have made my life difficult. Being able to make informed decisions has aided me in building a more stable and peaceful future. It’s hard for me to understand why this process is so controversial.

Many of the problems in the world stem from the placement of ideology over reality. People want things to be a certain way, what they consider to be the “right” way, and they are willing to ignore facts and data, science and economics, even the evidence of their own senses if those inputs contradict their template. The costs of molding the world to fit their ideology, not just in money but in health, happiness, and human lives, is less important to them than insuring that things are ideologically pure. It’s not just religious ideology, although many will brand it as such; there are political and cultural ideologies, upheld as “traditions”, that are treated as if they are laws that can be enforced.

Things are no longer good ideas or bad ideas based solely on their merits. If something is objectively beneficial, but it originated with our ideological enemies, then it is subjectively bad. If an idea is objectively terrible, but it originated on our side, then it somehow becomes subjectively good. Then we fight to blur the line between objective and subjective. If it fits with our ideology, it is objective truth; if it does not, then it is dismissed as subjective opinion.

We need to stop with the ideology, no matter what that ideology might be. We need to face objective reality, and make decisions based on that. It behooves us all to be more outward-facing, to care more about other people that we do about ourselves, and to work together to solve the problems that affect us all.

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