This is My Fear: Statelessness

If for some reason we need to return to America — for a visit, because one of us lands a great job, because Finland chooses not to extend our residence for some reason — I’m afraid we’d be turned away. They’d separate Katie and I, question us for hours, ask why we lived abroad for a number of years, challenge our loyalties, and then tell us no, even though we are citizens we cannot come in.

It might seem far-fetched, but it’s plausible. United States Customs already wants to collect social media account information as an additional means of vetting people entering the country. While I try to keep my political opinions down to a dull roar, my views and opinions don’t align with the current administration. Katie is far more vocal about things, and makes her feelings known.

British, French, and Canadian citizens, who do not normally need a visa to visit the US, were turned away at the border when they stated they wanted to attend the Women’s March. One of those people was a dual US/Canadian citizen. Deciding that we’re not ideologiclly pure enough to go back to our own country doesn’t seem like a huge stretch of the imagination.

No, this is not a foregone conclusion, and you’re perfectly entitled to your own opinion as to the likelihood of something like this happening. In a post-truth alt-fact world, no one gets to criticize my feelings, especially when even a cursory glance at the state of the world and a passing knowledge of history will show that my concerns are at least credible. Even I’m not saying that it would happen; I’m just afraid that it could happen.

The solution is to keep working hard and making money. I need to increase my income so that I can register as a Finnish business, pay Finnish taxes, and qualify for permanent residence. Katie needs to get into the PhD. program, which will also qualify us to stay and hopefully pull a stipend to supplement our income. It really comes down to money If you’re like to help, buy one of my books or even buy me a coffee.

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One thought on “This is My Fear: Statelessness

  1. Wow!I have been living in Australia for 20 years now and I have ill and elderly family still in the US. My greatest fear with Trump is that I might be unable to return home, because of paranoid national security policies. Now I must accept that a paranoid fear of the US govt can no longer be considered irrational. I can only hope things change for the better before any of my friends
    or family become seriously ill.

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