Distraction in the Age of Selfishness

At the moment I’m feeling overwhelmed, and I fear that I’m not communicating clearly. As a writer, that just punches all of my anxiety buttons. So today’s post is just going to be a bit of a brain dump, to get a few random thoughts out of my head. Hopefully that will allow me to focus on what I need to be writing. I may revisit some of these ideas later on, expanding them into full essays or rants.

“Caution is the confidential agent of selfishness.”

  -Woodrow Wilson

I write this blog for me. After almost 22 years of having a website, I finally had that epiphany. It was Chuck Wendig who articulated it, in a blog post of his own recently. While I try to stick to a broad theme (simplify create thrive), and I want to connect with my readers, I do this for me. As Chuck says, if you’re paying for it then it’s for you, if you’re not then I’m doing it for my own reasons. It is, as this post attests, a good brain dump. I’ve always used it as a warm-up exercise, when I’m easing into writing early in the morning, or as a place to mentally shift gears when I’ve finished working on one project and am about to dive into another.

“I think there is only one way to write fiction – alone, in a room, without interruption or any distraction.”   

-Paul Theroux

I’ve uninstalled Facebook Messenger from my phone. Anyone who absolutely needs to reach me in real time has my phone number and can text me. I can close Facebook on my laptop when I don’t want to see it, but the Messenger phone app never goes away and opens itself when someone wants to chat. I need to be able to free myself from distractions and interruptions while I work. So if you send me a message via Messenger, know that I won’t see it unless and until I check Facebook.

“I start a picture and I finish it.”

-Jean-Michel Basquiat

The final 3 volumes in the Story Design series are in the can, and will be released over the next 3 weeks. Finish a book feels good; completing a 20-volume series feels absolutely great. Every volume of the series so far has become a best seller. It’s been proof of concept for my approach to roleplaying games, as well as for my business model. The series has gone a long way toward treating my impostor syndrome, as well as keeping the rent pay and food on the table.

“Do not tell secrets to those whose faith and silence you have not already tested.”   

–Elizabeth I

If you see the bear in a dumpster image on a post, it’s probably one of these sorts of brain dumps or a “state of Berin” type of update.  If you ever open one of these posts and see the dashboard below has “TBD” or hashtags instead of numbers, it written in ahead of time. I scheduled it and didn’t circle back around to update it once I had the previous day’s numbers.

Today’s Dashboard

Yesterday’s Word Count: 2864
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Year-to-Date Word Count: 139200
Average Daily Word Count YTD: 3569

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