I Am Neither Dead Nor Dreaming

In the coming weeks I have some very aggressive deadlines. To be able to hit my marks, I won’t be posting here or on most social media with any scheduled regularity. It’s not unplugging so much as adjusting priorities around how I utilize my time. I’m just going to be less chatty for a while. The best way to reach me, as always, is via that old-timey messaging service known as “email”.

For those who invariably express concern whenever I drop off the face of the Earth for a bit, this is not related to my physical or mental health. This is all business. My focus needs to be on genuinely productive tasks, as well as the effective downtime required to recharge my batteries so that I can maintain a high level of productivity.

The only reason I post messages like this, rather than just doing what I need to do, is because I get those well-intentioned inquiries and welfare checks when I go radio silent. I appreciate it, and I don’t want anyone to worry. And not to sound callous, but I also don’t want to eat up productive time answering those messages. I’m okay. This is just part of my process for creative work. I need to withdraw periodically to immerse myself in the work.

You’ll find proof of life via Goodreads as I get both necessary and recreational reading done. I will post to Instagram, because taking a photo is easier than writing a blog post. Both of those sources will feed into Facebook, but I’m only going to pop in there infrequently. New titles will continue to be released weekly via Dancing Lights Press. The podcast will keep dropping new episodes every Monday. So, again, I’m not gone, I’m probably just not where you’re used to seeing me.

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