In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lion

April is going to be intense for Katie and I, both personally and professionally. The deadline for her thesis, and her application to the Ph.D. program, are both coming up. Our Finnish residence permits are due for renewal. I’ve got some big writing and publishing deadlines, and a lot of business stuff that has to be dealt with. These things are all time sensitive, labor intensive, and incredibly stressful.

We need your support, and part of that is your understanding. Neither of us will be on social media as often as you might be used to. It might take us a bit longer than normal to answer emails. We’re both trying to be laser-focused on doing the things that we have to get done, huge scary things that feel like life-and-death to us. When we’re not working toward our goals, we’ll be engaging in self-care to maintain our physical and mental health so that we don’t burn ourselves out before we hit the finish line.

Today, Sunday 2 April, is the last day I’m taking off for the rest of the month. I’m going to be working the next 28 days straight to deal with immigration, accomplish some big, hairy, audiacious goals for Dancing Lights Press, and help Katie stay focused. I’m not going to have a lot of bandwidth left for anything else.

Updates will be posted in the usual places, as there is news to report. Assume that radio silence means that everything is fine. We’ll both be back to our normal social and outgoing selves next month. Thanks!

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  1. Good fortune with everything! Applying for a PhD can be scary… I still recall the interview for my place a couple of years ago. They asked what I expected from a PhD, I said ‘to be stretched and challenged in ways I cannot imagine’ – and I was right! Great fun, though, I’m loving it!

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