Blogging Resumes on 1 May

Because my current webhost (Bluehost) has proven to be painfully unreliable, I’ve suspended any attempts at blogging until after the sites have been migrated to a new service sometime next week. Within the past few weeks all of the sites have gone down twice, each time for several days. Bluehost was unhelpful and rude about it, and I’m not getting what I’m paying for, so they’ve permanently lost my business. Meanwhile, I have a bunch of new posts already written, and more outlined. Blogging resumes on 1 May.

If you’re interested in what’s going on with Dancing Lights Press, the newsletter will resume on 7 May. You can subscribe (assuming the site is up at the moment, friggin’ Bluehost) at the company site. It’s free!

All of this, of course, is on top of everything else going on — working on new games, Katie finishing her thesis, our residence being up for renewal with Finnish immigration. So it all works out, because in spite of the annoyance the blog and newsletter are two fewer things on my plate.


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