Light Reading Newsletter for 7 May 2017

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Revelations in Cold Iron

The core rulebook is in the editing stage, and I’m fairly confident in announcing a release date of May 19th! In a world resembling our own, the Disciples of Moloch are trying to reshape the world to suit their selfish desires, feeding on suffering and misery to increase their magickal power. As a member of the underground resistance known as Cold Iron, you work to oppose the fascist oligarch wizards and transform reality into a place of peace and prosperity for everyone. It’s just a tabletop game about good versus evil in a postmodern urban fantasy setting.

The magick system makes good use of the narrative combat mechanics in the Lighthouse Roleplaying System. The spells are based on logical fallacies, because really, is there a better way to bend the truth and reshape reality to suit your own whims? Excerpts will hopefully be available online in the coming week, and I’ll include links in the next issue of the newsletter.

Print Books Are Coming

The Lighthouse Roleplaying System will be the fist book available as print-on-demand. The proofs are being ordered this week, and will take a couple of weeks to get to me. Once they arrive I’ll look them over carefully, and if everything looks correct the POD option will be made available on DriveThruRPG. Price remains TBD, but I will send out a notice via DriveThru offering a discount to previous purchasers of the PDF.

Revelations in Cold Iron will have POD available concurrent with the digital release, or shortly afterward. It depends on how quickly the proofs get back to me for approval. From that point forward, all core rulebooks and campaign books will have POD versions available either immediately or shortly after the digital release. Long-term, I want them to be concurrent, but that will require some kinks to be worked out in the existing process.

Most of the existing books will get POD versions over the summer, along with updated digital versions to deal with existing copy editing issues other errata. The first will be the For Writers and Roleplayers seriesBuilding Characters, Setting Design, and Story Structure. The For Tabletop Roleplayers series will follow in the fall.

It is unlikely that the Story Design titles will get a POD release, simply because the price point for a 20-odd page book would be ridiculous. The possibility exists for omnibus editions collecting 10 titles each, paralleling the bundles, but that’s not even on the schedule right now.

Starlight Manifesto

As I’ve stated before, Revelations in Cold Iron is not just a kick-ass postmodern dark fantasy game, it’s a test run for a lot of behind-the-scenes operations. If something is going to go horribly awry, I’d rather it happen on a smaller game than on something that will form the foundation of a whole product line.

That said, once we’ve had a test run with Cold Iron, Starlight Manifesto will get its release, followed shortly thereafter by the Season 1 Sourcebook, a campaign with 13 episodic adventures. There are six season sourcebooks planned at this point, but as always, I’m not committing to release dates.

On Berin’s Blog

Here are links to the past week’s articles on my personal website. The theme this month is “31 Reasons Why I Write”, which could be of interest to those of you who’ve enjoyed Dancing Lights Press’s “For Writers and Roleplayers” titles.

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