Light Reading: The Dancing Lights Press Newsletter, 14 May 2017

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Premise: Fantasy

PREMISE: FANTASY, which has 100 plot ideas in 100 pages, has hit NUMBER ONE on the Hottest Small Press list as this issue goes to press. Through Sunday you can use the attached link to get it for 40% off:

Revelations in Cold Iron

This book is still making me nervous, which is why PREMISE: FANTASY jumped the line for release. It’s not that I don’t think the setting is good, and a lot of fun, and has something unique to offer. It’s just… let’s call it potentially controversial. Roleplaying is storytelling, and storytelling is art, and one of the purposes of art is to speak truth to power. Yet roleplaying is also escapism and a lot of people think that political content, even thinly-veiled and presented allegorically, just doesn’t belong in this medium. In my head there’s this false division between “I want it to sell well” and “I want it to be good”. because I think that being absolutely true to my original vision will make it whatever the RPG equivalent of box office poison is. I’m also torn between “I have something to say” and “I don’t want to be harassed”, and I think that those are mutually exclusive these days. You could comment on how lovely the weather is today and someone will send you a death threat.

What I need to remember is that the intention isn’t to please everyone. This book is niche, but everything I publish is niche. It will find its audience, and it won’t be to everyone’s tastes. It’s experimental, but the whole point of Dancing Lights Press is to publish things that aren’t exactly like everything else that’s out there in the market. We don’t do things the way that everyone else does them. I need to stand by that, get over the fear, and  move on.

Revelations in Cold Iron is in editing and will go to layout later in the week.

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