Light Reading: The Dancing Lights Press Newsletter, 21 May 2017

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It’s a short newsletter this week, because I’ve got to get back to work on the print-on-demand versions of existing books, doing some revisions on Revelations in Cold Iron, and laying down word count on Starlight Manifesto. I have entirely too many plates spinning right now.

Pricing Changes (Over) Explained

If you’ve purchased anything from Dancing Lights Press in the past week, you may have noticed that the prices have changed slightly. Things that were $5 might now be something like $5.03 or $4.98, and they might even change by a penny or two from day to day. The reason is because I’ve changed all of the base pricing from US dollars to euros. I live in Europe. I pay my rent in euros, I buy groceries with euros, all of the money I spend is in euros. Yet I was getting paid in dollars. The exchange rate fluctuates periodically, so when the dollar is strong I make a little bit more money, and when it’s weak I make a bit less money.

That can be frustrating from an accounting standpoint. I’m a European business. I set my prices based on costs, including taxes, and what I need my profit margins to be. If I’ve planned to make $.65 per copy of a book sold, for example, it’s great if I make $.67 per copy when the exchange rate is in my favor, but disruptive when I only make $.61 per copy. Ask any small press publisher — every penny counts.

It will have an even greater impact on the bottom line once the print products start rolling out, which is one of the reasons this change is happening now.

By setting my base price to euros, it means that I’ll get .65€ (or whatever I need the margin to be on a particular product) per copy regardless of the exchange rate. Yes, from the customer perspective it looks weird and yes, you might pay more one day and less the next. But it helps to keep Dancing Lights Press in business.

To keep things fair for you, the loyal customer, I have permanently lowered prices on many products. I’m trying to walk a delicate line between maintaining the financial health of Dancing Lights Press and keeping prices fair and reasonable for customers.

If you have any questions or comments, I’d be happy to discuss things further on the Dancing Lights Press Facebook Page.

Premise: Horror

The second book in the Premise: 100 Plot Hooks series is out now. Thanks to everyone who helped make Premise: Fantasy a success. There are 5 volumes planned, with science fiction, weird fiction, and superheroes in the pipeline.

On Berin’s Blog

Here are links to the past week’s articles on my personal website, that might be of interest to the writers among you.

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