Light Reading: The Dancing Lights Press Newsletter, 28 May 2017

An Uneventfully Eventful Week

Wednesday is the one year anniversary of Dancing Lights Press! We launched our first book, Building Characters, on 31 May 2016! I can proudly declare that every title we’ve published is a Best Seller at DriveThruRPG! Onward and upward!

This week we put out a 100+ page book (Premise: Science Fiction, available today for 40% off!). Last week we put out a 100+ page book (Premise: Horror). The week before that I put out a 100+ page book (Premise: Fantasy).

I’m a little fried right now, so this edition of the newsletter in going to be short again. I hope you understand.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve also been sick so other, less pressing things have fallen by the wayside. Blogging has been off the table; it’s one of those nice-to-have things, not a need-to-have right now.

Work on Revelations in Cold Iron continues apace. The print editions of both Lighthouse Roleplaying System and Building Characters are coming along. Starlight Manifesto is in a holding pattern until I’ve got the print-on-demand processes down pat. With luck, I won’t be as burned out next week and will have more news on all of those, and possibly some other previously unannounced titles in the pipeline as well!

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