The 7 Day Setting Design Challenge: Day 3

As I am now mashing up all the things as part of this 7 Day Setting Design Challenge, I have begun folding elements of my meditation practice. When I sit to meditate, I get comfortable, clear my head, and concentrate. I set a timer to let me know when it’s time to come back to the world. All of these are also things I do when I sit down to write. Why not try to bring the same level of mindfulness to this task? So far, this approach has allowed me to slip into a flow state very easily during my hour-long writing blocks. This will hopefully let me get into the zone quickly, especially as the week goes on and I have less time for breaks to clear my head.  I can reset myself between blocks.

The Day 3 Breakdown

That said, today was rough. I jumped into this challenge without looking over my schedule, to make sure that all 7 days would be free and clear. I did this on purpose, because the reality of being a working writer is that things rarely go according to plan. My wife Katie, who used to be a freelance graphic designer, calls it “feast or famine”. Either you have all the time in the world to focus on one project, or it’s suddenly crunch time because all sorts of work has come in at once and it’s all due tomorrow. If I cleared my schedule in order to take this challenge, it wouldn’t be a realistic test. It wouldn’t give me a chance to see what works and what doesn’t, in order to adapt the best practices to my regular routine.

The Day 3 Results

With that said, things are going reasonably well. Onward to Day 4!

Day 1 total: 3,519 words against a goal of 3,000
Day 2 total: 5,214 words against a goal of 4,000
Day 3 total: 5,853 words against a goal of 5,000
Week to Date total: 14,586 words against a goal of 12,000
That’s 2,586 words in the bank against future daily goals.

Hours spent writing today: 5
Hours spent writing week to date: 12

You can read the rest of the entries in this series at this link.

Dean Wesley Smith’s book Writing a Novel in Seven Days: A Hands-On Example is available from Amazon in Kindle format and paperback editions. My book Setting Design for Writers and Roleplayers is available from DriveThruRPG in PDF, ebook, and Kindle formats.

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