7 Day Setting Design: Day 6

It is possible to have too much of a good thing. I’m enthusiastic about this project and I’m incredibly pleased with the progress that I’m making, but I fear over-saturation. I find myself wanting to write something else, just for the change. A few days ago the hour-long writing sprints allowed me to intersperse other types of work and even some writing on other things. The heavy schedule of having six one-hour blocks in the day leaves a lot less room for variety. Put that down in the negative column.

The Day 6 Breakdown

The other great disappointment is in having to give up getting so many other things done in addition to writing. The word sprints dominate everything. This actually feels more like my old routine, except I’ve doubled my output. Instead of doing practically nothing other than writing and making 3,500 words, today I did practically nothing other than writing and put out over 7,000 words. It doesn’t feel like progress.

Again, though, if the goal is to knock out what I lovingly refer to as a “puke draft” — get it all out and over with, and worry about cleaning it up later — then this challenge is frankly amazing. If I did things this way one week a month, then took a day or two off and wrote according to my normal schedule the rest of the month, I think it would be effective and tolerable. I still hold that my hybrid A/B schedule will probably work best for me though.

The Day 6 Results

With that, I tapped out at 7,034 words written, 966 words short of today’s goal. That still leaves me with 3,739 words banked against tomorrow, taking the Day 7 goal down to 5,261 words. I can either still shoot for the goal of 9,000, or I can decide to not kill myself and cross the finish line after 4 or 5 hours of writing rather than pushing myself to do a full nine. Onward to Day 7!

Day 6 total: 7,034 words against a goal of 8,000
Week to Date total: 36,739 words against a goal of 33,000
That’s 3,739 words in the bank against Day 7’s goal.

Hours spent writing today: 6
Hours spent writing week to date: 31

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