State of Things: July 2017 in Review

We’re into the last few weeks of summer already. I feel like I spent most of the year waiting for it to get here, and now it’s almost over. Not fair! Yet life goes on. Here’s a summary of what’s going on with me, personally and professionally, at this moment in time.

Manifesto of the Moment

I’m weary to the bone with people who don’t understand what it means to live in a functional society. There’s no patience left in me for folks who can’t find it within themselves to either be kind or be silent. Selfishness never was and never will be a virtue.  I remain committed to being more open and available, especially on social media, but my level of tolerance for rudeness, cruelty, and willful ignorance will continue to define my boundaries.


Still sick, still no work from Migri. You can re-read last month’s report because it still holds true. I’m proceeding as if everything is going to pan out the way I want it to because I can’t get wrapped around my axel trying to plan for the unknown.

Writing and Publishing

My writing productivity is far behind where I want it to be because of my health. I’m tired of talking about my health, but I’m trying to balance that with not being communicative. As with Risks above, all I can do it repeat myself and that’s frustrating. On the upside, I haven’t taken any money from anyone, so I don’t owe anyone anything. I’m not working on projects other than the ones I’ve announced, so it’s not like my delays on things I arguably “promised” are taking a back seat to other work. No one has these expectations but me, no one is nagging me and everyone is being understanding about my health issues, but I never, ever want it to become an excuse for laziness or a shoddy work ethic on my part.

I did not hit my goal of writing 100,000 words per month for the second month in a row, although I did improve from what I accomplished in June. What concerns me more is that I’ve fallen below my goal of averaging 3,500 words per day. This late in the year, it’s going to take a long time to pull that average back up. According to my spreadsheet, if I can manage to get back on track and stay on track I should still hit 1,000,000 words written year to date sometime in October.

That said, the business end of things is going well. Recently I explained it to someone using the analogy of building a house versus living in a house. When you’re building a house it’s a ton of work. Once you’re moved in, it’s just maintenance. A lot of what I’ve done for the past three years, with Asparagus Jumpsuit and now with Dancing Lights Press, has just been building the house. I’ve got processes worked out, templates for work flows set up, professional relationships established, and so on. All of the foundational stuff for running a business. This stuff doesn’t come in a box, you can’t it together in an afternoon like Ikea furniture. Doing it by myself, with no budget, has taken me far longer than I would have liked, but this phase is done. Now I can actually start living in the house — focusing on writing, editing, and publishing, with the business stuff just needing maintenance and the occasional tweaking.

There are still 11 books, in PDF, ebook, and print, on my production schedule for the rest of the year. It gets easier from here, provided I don’t need to move and my health continues to slowly improve.


Yeah, we’re still doing that. Katie and I have discussed doing another podcast about The Venture Bros., and I still want to do a Dancing Lights Press podcast as a regular thing. I need other things to stabilize first, like our residence and what direction Katie’s academic and professional career takes. Once those things are resolved, I’m considering investing in some actual podcasting gear, a couple of mics and a mixer at least, and setting up a Patreon. Because why not? But not until next year, at least. It’s on the big board as a possibility.

Health and Self-Care

The ulcer is getting better. It just takes time. The pain is far less than it was a month ago, and the fatigue has decreased. I’m sleeping well. My diet is still bland, easy-to-digest foods. Most of my current issues come down to depression and anxiety, both of which stem from the uncertainty with migri.

Looking Forward: August 2017 and Beyond

While I’ve got wild ambitions, I just have to take things one day at a time. How much I can get done in a day, when things get released, all comes down to how well I’m feeling and what I can manage to get done. I keep working until something changes. Write, publish, repeat. A lot of stuff is on hold until our residence is resolved, and we know whether Katie is doing her doctorate here or somewhere else.


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