How Do You Find Out About New RPGs?

During the month of August, I’m participating in RPG a Day 2017. Each day I’ll answer a question, or my interpretation of a question, about tabletop roleplaying games. For those who have wanted your beloved UncleBear to get back into RPG blogging, this is the closest you’re going to get.

How Do You Find Out About New RPGs?

Most of the time I hear about things on social media because I follow a lot of writers, artists, and game designers. The vast majority of the new RPGs that filter into my awareness are games being created by my friends. I don’t spend any time on RPG blogs or forums anymore, I don’t cruise Kickstarter, and I honestly haven’t gone looking for new games in a long time. There is a ton of old stuff that I still haven’t played, or played enough, and that’s not counting the games that I’ve created.

I Write Roleplaying Games

My days are spent writing roleplaying games. There are barely enough hours in a day to deal with my own work. I also fear cross-contamination, that I’m going to be subconsciously influenced by someone else’s ideas and end up just unintentionally recreating what they’ve done. That’s another huge reason why I don’t go looking for new games.

Promoting Other Peoples’ Stuff

One thing that I want to do better at is cross-promote other peoples’ stuff. When my very talented friends put out new books, I can do a better job of supporting them on social media. That’s a goal, starting… now. Maybe someday people will say they hear about new RPGs from me.

Follow My Facebook Page

If you want to hear more about my new RPGs, you can follow Dancing Lights Press on Facebook. To see things like this post and updates on simplicity, creativity, and thriving as a writer, you can follow my Berin Kinsman, Writer page. Like promoting other peoples’ stuff, I want to start doing a better job of updating those pages, and if more people are looking the higher a priority it will become.

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