On Needing Glasses and Audiobooks

One of the realities of being an entrepreneur is that you’re working all the time. As a writer and publisher in a niche market, I need to constantly be grinding to make rent and put groceries on that table. Downtime, while a necessity for self-care and true productivity, is also a luxury.

What I used to do is read. I’d step away, settle into a comfy chair or crawl into bed, and lose myself in a book. That let me clear my head a bit before going back to work. Since moving to Finland all of the books I read are ebook. That ends up being more screen time, rather than a break from staring at a screen. Of late, I have not been getting much reading done. That bothers me.

Eye strain and age have finally caught up with me. There are points in the day when the screen gets so blurry that I can’t truly see anything. I’m choosing to take this as my body and/or the universe telling me that I need to slow down and take breaks. Reading is obviously out of the question. It’s clear that a trip to the eye doctor to get glasses needs to happen sooner rather than later.

The compromise is that I’m going to try audiobooks. I have, for the longest time, resisted this. Listening to someone talk isn’t reading. It’s not the same experience and it doesn’t have the same benefits as reading. It is, however, better than nothing.

So until I have the resources to get glasses, I’m scheduling audiobook breaks. I’ll get into the comfy chair or lay in bed, close my overtaxed eyes, and listen. With luck, it will solve a couple of problems at once.

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2 thoughts on “On Needing Glasses and Audiobooks

  1. I’ll bite … what benefits are you missing by listening to a book instead of reading the print version?

    I find the experience to be different — audio books require me to be more focused than print ones, it’s harder for me to annotate an audio book, it takes longer because I read so much faster than I listen — but I find they ultimately scratch the same itch. Since i tend to listen to books while exercising (walking the dog, going to the gym), I find that I get the same solitary thoughtfulness that I’m looking for when I read a print novel … I’m just moving more. 🙂

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