PLAY HARD: Number 1 Hottest Small Press

PLAY HARD is currently #1 on the Hottest Small Press list at DriveThruRPG!

Play Any Kind of Action Movie – Any Time, Place, or Genre!

An action movie is a type of thriller that relies heavily on violence, armed and unarmed fight scenes, life-threatening situations, exhibition of physical prowess, and intense chase scenes on foot, on horseback, or in vehicles. Action movies are morally simplistic, with clear-cut Good Guys and Bad Guys. The Heroes might be morally ambiguous anti-heroes, but they work for the side of truth and justice. That’s why most action films often involve themes of crime, war, law enforcement, espionage, revenge, and high adventure.

You can use PLAY HARD for many different situations, but you should pick one before the players create characters. Are they undercover cops fighting drug lords in the big city? Will they be soldiers tracking a killer alien through the jungle? Maybe they’re criminals planning a big heist, or futuristic bounty hunters after a deranged android serial killer. Keep the idea simple and you’ll have endless possibilities to work with.

This game uses a stripped-down d6-only variant of the Lighthouse Roleplaying System, a set of mechanics designed to tell stories. It relies on collaboration rather than competition, as everyone works together to create a fun and interesting story. In this case, you’re all creating an action movie together.

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