Dancing Lights Press Needs a Fandom Nickname

Big Lebowski fans call themselves Achievers. Doctor Who fans call themselves Whovians. Fans of Insane Clown Posse call themselves Juggalos. Many fandoms have nicknames that they’ve given to themselves to help identify each other, to find each other, and to set themselves apart from other fandoms. Some of the names are cool, some are goofy, but they’re all special. I think that Dancing Lights Press needs a fandom nickname

It’s probably in poor taste for me to want that. I’m not the one who should make that sort of call. But I’d like an affectionate way to refer to all of you. “Readers” is clinical and “customers” is just plain cold and harsh. Even using the word “fans” makes me uncomfortable, because I feel like I’m being egotistical. You’re more than that.

What I want is to build a community. Maybe have a hashtag to use, to facilitate communication on social media. There’s already a fan group for my work on Facebook, started by fan Alex Green. I want to get better at talking to people. Sometimes I feel like I’m a human press release talking at people. It’s because I’m not sure who I’m talking to. If there’s a collective fandom nickname it makes it far more personal and less abstract, at least for me.

Dancing Lights Press is for storytellers. Creative writers, no matter what medium you’re working in. Tabletop roleplayers who put the emphasis on plot and character rather than tactics and leveling up. We’re the minority, I know. The niche within the niche that is the roleplaying games hobby. It’s more than a style of play or a preference. There’s a philosophy in there that’s markedly different from the larger group, or the other sub-groups. We need a fandom nickname. We need to a way to identify ourselves.


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