I’ve decided to delay the release of ADVENTURE THEORY, the next Foragers Guild Guide, until 4 January 2018. This puts it into the January billing cycle for Patreon.

The original plan was to release it this week, but not as a Patreon release. It would have been the third release within a month, when I had promised to only release two items per month. To circumvent this I was going to not bill patrons for it, but provide a link where patrons could instead purchase it from DriveThruRPG for 50% off if they chose to.

This obviously defeats the purpose of having the Patreon for this project. I also don’t want to tax anyone’s budget. Using Patreon is still new to me, so I’m bound to make a few missteps. Shifting the release data back by a week is an attempt to avoid making that sort of misstep. I appreciate your patronage, and welcome your feedback.

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