Self-Care: Meditate for 10 Minutes a Day

This one isn’t just part of my 31 Days of Self-Care challenge, so I probably shouldn’t count it as something special I’ve done for myself today. In clearing away pointless and unnecessary tasks, I’ve made time to meditate daily. It’s as important to me as eating and sleeping. In recovering from burnout I not only meditate for 10 minutes a day, I try to meditate several times throughout the day.

What I’ve done is to use meditation as a way to separate office hours from personal time. Because I work from home, and use the kitchen as my office, there’s not clear distinction between when I’m at work and when I’m not. I mentioned yesterday that I use separate journals to document and track work and personal things. I use meditation as a way to clear my head and transition from one frame of mind to the other.

Self-Care: Meditate for 10 Minutes a Day

In the morning, when office hours begin, I meditate for a few minutes. I clear my mind of all personal thoughts, whatever I was working on or engaged with. Then I have a clean slate and can focus on work. At the end of my work day I meditate again, putting aside all thoughts of work and getting ready for me me time, free from concerns about the business.

To go along with this, I also change the music and the lighting a bit. The idea is to create a different mood, so that work time and personal time feel differently. It has been helping. I feel less overwhelmed having this work-life balance, and I believe that meditation-as-transition has been a big part of that.

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