I’m Worthy of Love

I’m worthy of love. Everyone is. No one should have to prove their worthiness to receive kindness, dignity, and basic respect. If I believe that every human being is innately deserving of living kindness, then I must also believe that I am too.

This Affirmation Helps Me to Simplify

I’m worthy of love. I work to clear away the obstacles that make that difficult for people to see that sometimes. Those who refuse to acknowledge my worthiness aren’t deserving of my time and energy. To simplify means to clear out the people that cause me pain, to make room for those that appreciate and care about me.

This Affirmation Helps Me to Create

I’m worthy of love. Through the things that I create I try to put out into the world what I wish to get back. I embed my values, my feelings, and my message into everything that I make. It’s important that I communicate clearly, so people can understand me. To create means to make things that express my best qualities, so that people can see the best of me.

This Affirmation Helps Me to Thrive

I’m worthy of love. There are people in my life who know about this. They care about me and treat me with kindness. Their love allows me to not just function, but to move ahead. The emotional support that I get from others keeps me afloat. To thrive means to appreciate the people in my life who do care about me.

I’m Worthy of Love

There is a body of peer-reviewed work in the field of social psychology that indicates self-affirmation can reduce a person’s stress response. It doesn’t affect short-term mood or long-term self-esteem, but it does create a buffer against everyday stressors. It won’t magically make your dreams come true. You cannot change the world around you with your thoughts. Affirmations can help you to reframe your thinking and help you to focus your actions. The greatest effects come when affirmations reinforce your values and priorities.

Is This Affirmation Helpful to You?

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