Self-Care: Sit Down for Breakfast Every Morning

We don’t always have a choice about how we utilize our time. I recognize that being self-employed, and being able to set my own schedule, is a privilege. My commute is the walk from the bedroom to the kitchen, where I sit at the table and write. This gives me some more time during the day to do things other than sit in traffic. One thing I use that time for is to sit down for breakfast every morning.

I know many people who insist that they don’t have time for breakfast. What they’re really saying is that they’ve made a choice to use their time in the morning for something else. They don’t want to get up a little earlier. They want or need that extra sleep. That would mean going to bed a little earlier in order to get that rest. So they sacrifice having a little bit of calm, chewing slowly, enjoying each bite, eating mindfully. Then they complain later that they’re feeling poorly, gaining weight, and having stomach problems.

Sit Down for Breakfast Every Morning

The choice that they’re making isn’t about maintaining a busy schedule. It’s not about being efficient, eating a fast-food breakfast sandwich in their car, nibbling on a donut or bagel as their desk while they work, or skipping breakfast entirely. What they’re deciding is that this little bit of self-care isn’t worth the time or effort. They’ve convinced themselves that they’re wasting time. They’re not being productive. It has to be go-go-go from the moment they open their eyes.

I’ve been there, and I’ve done that. Now I know better. I have the luxury of time, but even if I didn’t, I’d get up 30 minutes early just to start the day pleasantly. It doesn’t matter what you eat. I might make an egg, some porridge, or just eat some fruit. I sit and sip my coffee. It’s about enjoying my food, and spending a little time with my wife before the day begins. I’m in a better frame of mind, less anxious, and far more awake and alert when it is time to get to work.

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