I’m Calm, Happy, and Content

I’m calm, happy, and content. By being present in the moment, I have learned how to be grateful what I’m experiencing, right where I am. The things that are going well as a foundation for me to build upon, which is good fortune. Things that aren’t going well provide me with an opportunity to learn and grow, which is a boon of a different sort. It’s all a matter of having the right perspective.

This Affirmation Helps Me to Simplify

I’m calm, happy, and content. My life isn’t overwhelmed with clutter, trivia, and pointless tasks. My needs are few and I have the things required for a comfortable existence. To simplify means getting minimizing the things that cause me suffering in order to make more space for the things that bring me joy.

This Affirmation Helps Me to Create

I’m calm, happy, and content. I’m able to get into a flow state while working on creative project, and it’s almost like meditating. I earn enough to pay the bills. To create means that I that making things is not only relaxing, but enables me to make a modest living doing something I enjoy.

This Affirmation Helps Me to Thrive

I’m calm, happy, and content. I’ve got what I need, and am working toward getting the things that I want. In the meantime, I’ve learned to appreciate what I have, to wring the most value from it, and to be able to find joy in ordinary everything things. To thrive means that I’m secure enough to enjoy what I have, rather than wasting time worrying about what I don’t.

I’m Calm, Happy, and Content

There is a body of peer-reviewed work in the field of social psychology that indicates self-affirmation can reduce a person’s stress response. It doesn’t affect short-term mood or long-term self-esteem, but it does create a buffer against everyday stressors. It won’t magically make your dreams come true. You cannot change the world around you with your thoughts. Affirmations can help you to reframe your thinking and help you to focus your actions. The greatest effects come when affirmations reinforce your values and priorities.

Is This Affirmation Helpful to You?

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