Self-Care: Eat a Piece of Fruit

Today’s bit of self-care advice seems a bit presumptive. I know I’m American by birth, but do I really need to be told to eat more produce? How do the purveyors of this wisdom know that I’m not already a vegetarian? (I am not.) Or am I reading the wrong things into this prompt to eat a piece of fruit? Practicing self-care by eating better seems like a painful cliche.

Here’s what I’m choosing to take away from this: When I am stressed, I should take a break and eat a healthy snack. I should do so mindfully, enjoying it for what it is. I’ll get some nutrition, be in a better mood because I’m not hungry, and come out of the interlude better situated to deal with whatever is going on in my life. Honestly, it’s not a big ask, the benefits are clear, and I deserve the well-earned respite.

Eat a Piece of Fruit

Eating more fruits and vegetables, and eating mindfully, is something we should do at every meal. My digestive problems stem from not doing this. Dropping convenient salt-sugar-fat combinations into a stressed-out body is one of the least-healthy things a human being can do. In the corporate world I ate highly processed foods on the fly, when I could managed to grab a few bites. If I got to sit down it was at my desk and I was probably multitasking. I barely had time to taste the food, let alone have the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy it. Too many breakfasts were eaten in the car on the way to work, as were too many fast-food drive-thru dinners.

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