I surround myself with positive people. They help bring out the best in me, rather than encouraging the things that I don’t like about myself. They provide me with inspiration by demonstrating the behaviors and attitudes that I want to emulate. I surround myself with mentors, role models, and true friends.

This Affirmation Helps Me to Simplify

I surround myself with positive people. Sometimes this means that I have fewer friends, but what I lack in quantity they make up for in quality. There is plenty of room for the people who are supportive, understanding, and joyful. To simplify means to have people that I need, that I can count on, and whom I want to be around.

This Affirmation Helps Me to Create

I surround myself with positive people. They offer me honest and actionable critique of my work. They encourage me to take risks, and to keep going even when I have doubts. Even when they are not creators themselves, they take the time to understand what I do and offer emotional support. To create means to show thanks for the help and inspiration that others have provided me as I make things.

This Affirmation Helps Me to Thrive

I surround myself with positive people. They want to see me succeed. They are there to celebrate with me when things go well. They’re there when I fail, to help me get back up again and move forward. To thrive means to appreciate and utilize the support system that I have, and to give back and support them in turn whenever possible.

I Surround Myself with Positive People

There is a body of peer-reviewed work in the field of social psychology that indicates self-affirmation can reduce a person’s stress response. It doesn’t affect short-term mood or long-term self-esteem, but it does create a buffer against everyday stressors. It won’t magically make your dreams come true. You cannot change the world around you with your thoughts. Affirmations can help you to reframe your thinking and help you to focus your actions. The greatest effects come when affirmations reinforce your values and priorities.

Is This Affirmation Helpful to You?

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4 thoughts on “I Surround Myself with Positive People

  1. I try to be positive. I’m having a hard time this week.

  2. There are a great many things I’m positive about, but most of them are negative.

  3. This makes sense, Berin. I have a colleague at work who is brilliant this way – a passing conversation with him always makes you feel good about yourself and capable of achieving more than you thought you could. It’s probably due to him being a qualified ‘life coach’ – but given the effect a casual chat with him has, if he actually starts coaching you, you probably end up feeling that you can do anything! He’s a good person to have around.

    So are you! You think about, and share, a lot of things the rest of us just muse on in passing. Thank you.

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