Self-Care: Combine Affirmations with Meditation

Now that I’ve been doing this 31 Days of Self-Care challenge for a while, as well as posting daily affirmations, I thought I’d explain how I’m using all of these things. All of the posts are pulled from reading and journalling that I’ve been doing. I clean things up a bit and share them, because blogging is also part of my self-care routine. Most relevant to this post, I combine affirmations with meditation.

I use the daily affirmation as a sort of mantra when I’m meditating. I sit, I relax, I breathe, and I tell myself whatever positive message I’m writing about that day. A lot of what’s in the affirmation posts is based on thoughts that pop up during that meditation. The takeaway is supposed to be positive reinforcement, gratitude, and a redirecting of my energy toward self-care.

Combine Affirmations with Meditation

There’s no magical New Age BS involved in any of this. It’s nothing more than taking a few minutes to be kind to myself. There has been a noticeable benefit to having some calm and quiet, and telling myself that I’ve got this. I’ve got the whole rest of the day to stress out, beat myself up, and wrestle with anxiety, depression, and impostor syndrome. The affirmation and meditation portion of my day helps me to deal with all of that better. It’s like putting myself into an emotional time out.

As I’ve cleared my plate of recess work and refocused my professional life, doing this self-work has also been a replacement habit for my workaholic tendencies. Instead filling my time with another project, I’m the other project. Even if no one else is reading this, having time set aside every day to do this and write about it has kept me from diving headlong in to doing work that adds to my stress load, rather than relieving it.

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