Self-Care: Photograph Something Happy

All of the photos on this site, with one exception, I took myself. I love that modern technology has put a pretty decent camera in my pocket, in the form of this tiny computer that we insist on calling a phone. Being able to put one of my photos with every post is such a bonus. It lets me make everything even more personal, even when the words and images don’t have anything to do with one another.

That said, I need to put today’s self-care prompt into perspective. “Photograph something happy” is a nice sentiment. Look for beauty in the world. Seek out something some amazing that it’s worth taking a photo of. Document those important moments in your life, time with friends and family, special occasions, meaningful moments, and look at them when you need cheering up.

Photograph Something Happy

What you need to avoid though, is the urge to constantly stare at the world through a lens. Don’t give up being present in the real world because you’re scanning for something to take a picture of. Be careful that you’re not missing the things that aren’t necessarily photogenic, but are still wonderful. Not everything needs to be shared. Sometimes they just need to be experienced.

I took the photos seen on this site for my own reasons, not so specifically to turn them into post headers. That’s why the rarely match the text. They’re just things that I saw that I wanted to document. They’re moments that I wanted to share, objects or scenes that I found visually interesting. I took a photograph of something that made me happy, spontaneously and without any sort of forethought or planning. That’s why they’re special to me.

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