The State of Berin, June 2018

For the month of June I’m moving to a twice-weekly blogging schedule. Before that kicks off tomorrow I wanted to take a moment to touch base, and to let you know what to expect to see in this space going forward. This is the State of Berin, June 2018.

My June 2018 Mission Statement

I remain true to myself and my values no matter what happens.

My June 2018 Vision Statement

I am well-organized, maintain the right focus, and have the flexibility to handle unexpected changes.

Old Business

Following The Inevitable Crash™ at the end of March, I spent April getting excess obligations off of my plate. There were tasks that I didn’t need to be doing, and loose ends to be tied up. From a minimalist standpoint, think of it as getting rid of things that I no longer needed in order to make space for what I actually wanted.

I spent May figuring out what I needed and wanted. As I continued to jettison baggage, I put a great deal of thought into what was going to fill that newly created space. This is still an ongoing process, but for the most part I have a reasonably clear plan that will allow me to move forward while still sussing out the details.

This will be the last mention of The Inevitable Crash™, by the way. At this point I’m no longer recovering from a single defining event as I am undoing years of bad habits and unaddressed issues that led up to that event. I know what went wrong and why, so now my focus needs to be on moving forward from where I am currently.

New Business

As mentioned above, I’m going to be blogging twice a week. For the time being there will be two series running concurrently, on separate topics. These will rotate as they run their course.

The first series of posts, which will run on Mondays, is about applying the Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism to your self-care routine. It’s not just for Buddhists. The core of the series is making sure that you’re using the right practices to get the results you need from your self-care efforts.

The second series is about productivity and getting organized. I’ll be taking about the things that I’ve done, and the techniques that work for me. I’ve officially started bullet journaling this month, so some of the posts will be about how I’ve been using that to manage my personal and professional life.

Looking Forward

We just passed the to year anniversary of my launching Dancing Lights Press. Starting in July, I’m going to be writing a weekly blog post on tabletop roleplaying for the company site. While I will mention games and my business here occasionally because they’re part of my life, actual content related to those things will all be posted on that site.

What Do You Think?

Should I bring back these monthly tune-ins as a regular feature? Are there topics you’d like me to write about, or things you want me to cover in the announced series of posts? I look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments below!

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