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Everybody Talks About the Weather…

Today we went out looking for fans. The first department store we visited was completely sold out. We were, apparently, not the only people to have the brilliant idea of combating the heat. The next department store did not carry fans. Ever. There’s no demand for them, normally, so they don’t bother. Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it, apparently. The third and final place did have fans, but they were out of most models including the type I was looking for. So we bought two small 23 cm (9 inch) fans for €12 each.

We could have hopped on a bus and gone downtown, or shopped online, but we really didn’t want to wait. It’s miserable. Fortunately, with the two fans strategically placed, our small apartment has cooled down significantly. Things should be bearable going forward. We’ve kept the boxes, so at the end of the summer we can pack them away and put them in the small storage unit we have in the basement.

Everybody Talks About the Weather

While we were out we bought groceries as well. All we got was lunch meat, cheese, crackers, fruit, yogurt, and veggies we can cut up and eat raw. Okay, we got what I call “deli salads” as well — potato salad, cucumber salad, and party salad (which is like coleslaw with diced fermented pickles in it). The goal is to not cook until after the head wave is over.

Let me take a moment to explain Finnish stoves. They’re electric, which makes sense, because when it gets down to -30 in the winter and you’re sealed in tight you don’t want to be messing with gas. The oven works the same as an American electric oven. The burners on the stove, though. Wow. They’re iron plates. Like, round black slabs of iron. You can put a pot or a pan on them, or you can cook on them directly. I don’t know anyone who does, but I’ve seen educational films from the 1950s that show housewives doing it. They’re great in the winter because they hold heat and it keeps the apartment cozy. In the summer, though, they take forever to cool down, so they just add to the overall misery.

Last night I made cold brew coffee, because I don’t even want to put the kettle on. I just put coffee in the press (which Americans call a “French press” for some reason), added cold water, stirred it up, and put it in the fridge overnight. Turned out lovely. We got our caffeine fix without having the heat anything up, including ourselves. I’ve got tomorrow morning’s batch doing its thing right now.

But Nobody Does Anything About It

Katie and I are considering doing a Very Special Episode of the podcast about what happened in Helsinki yesterday. It would be a patrons-only thing on Patreon, because I really don’t want to deal with comments who somehow find any of that circus defensible. It’s like insult to injury to have people telling you that facts are lies and lies are facts and you’re the one who’s crazy because you can see objective reality.

Anyway, I was planning to release a book this week, but I don’t know that it’s going to happen. The heat wave has just thrown all of my plans into a cocked hat. It sucks all of the energy out of you. I may stay up late, work at night (it’s still light outside, but it’s much cooler without direct sun) and try to sleep during the day.

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