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7 Random Thoughts for This Monday

These are just some random thoughts, presented as-is. If you’d like me to expand on any of them, leave a comment below. I’m also experimenting with format for these “dumb blog” posts, and I’m open to feedback on that as well.


The oppressive heat last week badly dented my productivity. The good news is that it’s supposed to cool off in the coming week. The bad news is that summer is about over here, and cooling off is all it’s going to do until next spring.


Another thing that dented productivity was my feedback loop. It was worth getting a little less done now, though, to make some adjustments. My productivity will increase going forward because my process is continually refined.


I’m tired of people who feel that the only way to “win” is for someone else to lose. Life is not a zero-sum game. These people are really just looking for a way to feel better about themselves by tearing other people down.


After almost two months using my Leuchtturm1917 and proper bullet journaling techniques, I have to declare that it’s working. I feel more organized, and more confident about what I’m doing.


It’s as important to keep track of what didn’t get done, and why, as it is to note what you accomplished. Don’t treat it as an embarrassing failure. See it as data to help plan future success.


Something I’m still struggling with is setting boundaries around work. It’s difficult to do when you not only work from home, but don’t have dedicated office space. I need to quit and move to another room at the end of the office hours, otherwise I keep working.


I read a quote somewhere about happiness being a choice rather than an outcome. We tie too much up in the idea of accomplishing goals, rather then the joy of their pursuit. Much of that has to do with needing to chase after money. And yes, I still need to read that book, which is sitting in the queue on my tablet.


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