Status: December 2018

This is a monthly status update for aka the Simplify, Create, Thrive blog. The purpose of this page is to communicate upcoming projects, works in progress, and other information of interest to readers. It will be updated periodically throughout the month. A new status page will be posted on the first of next month. Caveat: Nothing written here is set in stone. Everything is subject to change.

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9 December 2018

The list on the 1 December post (below) has been updated.

This status post isn’t something that needs to be updated every day. This is a learning space.

My original idea for 12 Days of Blogmas was to write about Christmas every day between Christmas Eve and Epiphany. Now I’m thinking I might write about blogging for 12 days instead. I have to come up wih enough interesting or useful things to say about blogs, though.

4 December 2018

For some reason I had the idea of posting these updates to social media. Then I remembered that not only do I not have a social media presence, I started doing these updates to replace social media.

1 December 2018

12 Days of Blogmas

  • A magna carta for the blog
  • A mission and vision for the blog
  • A list of 2019 goals for the blog
  • Comment on this Cal Newport post
  • Finding sources of inspiration for blogging
  • Comparing blogging to vlogging

Post Ideas:

  • Creating through the holidays
  • Keeping it simple through the holidays
  • Staying true to your values through the holidays
  • Katie’s Birthday
  • Finnish Independence Day

Podcast Ideas:

  • Pretty much all holiday related until January

Site Updates:

  • Evaluate, edit, and revive older posts (ongoing)

On the Back Burner:

  • Launching the newsletter
  • Update and soft relaunch the Patreon


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