Berin Kinsman is a writer, indie publisher, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Dancing Lights Press. With his wife Katie he is the co-host of the Proof of Life podcast. Berin is currently the general editor of HUBRIS: The Journal of Cultural Horror.

“I live by the motto simplify, create, thrive. Keep things as uncomplicated and uncluttered as possible. Get rid of things that you don’t need to make space for the things that enhance your life. Focus on the things that matter most and bring you the greatest joy and satisfaction. Spend as much time doing what you love, whether it’s writing, crafting, cooking, or performing.”

The Blog

Every weekday I lay down about 300 words on whatever happens to be running through my mind at the moment. Think of it as a vlog, but made of words instead of moving pictures. Scroll to the bottom of the page to subscribe and get the posts via email. Read the blog here.

Dancing Lights Press

A small press publisher, Dancing Lights Press specializes in tools for creative writers and tabletop roleplayers. Our mission is to encourage people to tell stories. We want to help all types of story tellers become better at their craft. Learn more here.

HUBRIS: The Journal of Cultural Horror

We’re told by authority figures that if we see something amiss, we should say something. What they mean is, report on the things that we’re told to be afraid of. Tired of living in fear, I’m saying something. This is not normal. It is not right. These things are not inevitable. Hubris is a zine about the struggles we face in the modern world. This is cultural horror. Read more here.

Proof of Life Podcast

Katie is a graduate student. Berin is an entrepreneur. We both have hectic schedules, and finding time to even have a cup of coffee together can be difficult. Add in trying to keep in touch with our family and friends — forget about it! So once a week with sit down in front of a live mic to talk about what we’re up to, how we’re doing, and what’s on our minds. This isn’t a podcast. It’s proof of life. Listen to the latest episodes here.


You can reach me via the contact page, or using the form below.  I usually respond within 24 hours on weekdays. If you email me over a weekend or on a holiday, don’t expect a response until the next business day at the earliest.

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