Berin Kinsman is a writer, indie publisher, and entrepreneur. An American by accident of birth, he now lives in Finland with his wife, the artist and educator Katie Kinsman.

Simplify – Create – Thrive

I love according by the motto “simplify – create – thrive”. Keep things as uncomplicated and uncluttered as possible, filtering out and getting rid of things that you don’t need or want ┬áin order to make more space for the things that are necessary and enhance your life. Appreciate and support the arts, and spend as much time doing what you love, whether it’s writing, crafting, cooking, or performing. Live frugally and freely, focusing on the things that matter most and bring you the greatest joy and satisfaction.

Writer, Indie Publisher, Entrepreneur

My creative side is grounded and balanced out by my business side. I am self-employed, and enjoy the freedom of being my own boss, writing the sorts of books that I want to read, and learning how to engage with every aspect of my professional life. It is a challenging way to live, but the advantages make the difficulties worthwhile.