In this episode, Katie and Berin talk about little differences between the United States and Finland. They discuss food, coffee, dining out, tipping culture, and more. Hopefully, Finns will appreciate how great they have it, and Americans will understand that there are other (sometimes better) ways to do things. Special Thanks Pertti Ankkuri Petri Nurmi Gary Weller Support Our Patreon Berin’s Blog Katie’s Instagram

I’ll say it here and I’ll say it clear: A good chunk of my need for self-care stems from years of not practicing Right Livelihood. What I did for a living caused other people harm. There is no question. While I never did anything illegal, I did things I considered to be unethical if not downright immoral because my employers required me to. The guilt of that left me with anxiety, depression, and ulcers. What is Right Livelihood? Right Livelihood is the fifth step along the Buddhist Eightfold Path, and the third moral virtue. Don’t earn your living doing things that create harm. The examples in the early texts talk about not engaging the slave trade, selling weapons, or dealing[…]

Do the right thing. Easy to say, harder to do. Who defines what that is? If you do the wrong thing for the right reasons, does that count? How about if you do the wrong thing for the right reasons? Right Action can be about results, yes, but it’s more about intentions. If you’re aware that what you’re doing is going to hurt someone, including you, don’t do it. More importantly, think about what unintended consequences might arise before you act. Never do anything that you know could end up causing harm. What is Right Action? Right Action is the fourth step along the Buddhist Eightfold Path. It’s also the second moral virtue, after Right Speech. This one is pretty[…]

Without going into details you likely don’t care about, last weekend there was this small convention. It was a defiant, some might say petulant, response to a larger, established, professionally-run convention. The mini-con was organized, using that term in the broadest sense, by a 19-year-old woman. She hired a production company to run it, but there’s no evidence that they’d ever run this sort of event before. In fact, “they” was basically one person, a 21-year-old who billed himself as the CEO of the company. He’s a DJ, and his resume seems limited to booking club events and parties. They threw this convention together in about a month, from initial idea to people showing up at the hotel. Ready, fire,[…]

For the past several days I have had no desire to write a blog post. There are other projects that I want to work on. I’d love to take a day or two and binge-watch something straight through. Hell, I’d be happy to sit in bed and read a book cover-to-cover. What I really want is to be outside, because the sun is mostly shining, and I when it’s not, well, I love the rain. This isn’t do-what-you-have-to-do weather. Summer is supposed to be more inclined toward do-what-you-want-to-do. And there’s the tell. I like writing this blog. It wouldn’t exist if I didn’t. There are times when it feels like a have-to, though, rather than a want-to. I started writing[…]