In spite of what I said earlier in the week, I’ve taken up writing an RPG blog again. This is a limited-run endeavor, based on a Twitter hashtag. The #AprilTTRPGMaker challenge asks one question per day, and tabletop RPG creators post their answers. I decided to participate on Twitter with answers that fit within the 280 character limit, following up with expanded answers in blog posts of roughly 300 words. Doing this dovetails with the journaling I’ve been doing on game design and Dancing Lights Press. I’ve been trying to nail down what my design goals are, how to explain what I do, and create a tighter focus for my business. Answering the very specific questions of the challenge has[…]

Even though I set an alarm clock, I’m usually up before it goes off. I think it’s because I hate the noise. I need to keep my mornings sane, and buzzing or ringing or music startling me awake isn’t conducive to tranquility and my overall pleasant demeanor. When I get up in the morning, I fill the electric kettle with cold water and turn it on. I use cold water out of habit. In the United States, in the places that I’ve lived, warm and hot water carry more particulate. It’s cloudy. In Finland it’s clear at any temperature, but I still feel like it’s more pure when I start with cold. I measure out ground coffee into the French[…]

Back between the first and second issue, I told Patreon backers that I was going to give HUBRIS: The Journal of Cultural Horror a six-issue commitment. After that I’d re-evaluate. If it was selling well, I’d keep going. If it was only selling okay, but I felt it was having some sort of impact based on the feedback I received, I’d keep going. As long as I had something worthwhile to say, was getting some pleasure out of doing it, and it nourished my creative soul (yeah, I just said that, barf), I’d keep going. Meh. No, seriously. It’s selling okay, but I could make more money doing something else. Or I could forgo the little bit of extra money[…]

At this point, realizing that there aren’t that many people here because reading is dead and civilization is over, I might as well think out loud about what I want to do with this blog. If anything, that is. My hope was to resurrect it, lure some old readers back, find some new readers, and rebuild it into something worthwhile. In my post-exhaustion world, the cost/benefit analysis of that says I’m crazy. There’s practically no chance that I could attract enough readers to make this worthwhile. I’m certainly not doing it for money. Even when a post draws in a lot of readers, there’s practically no engagement. I have no reason to write other than because I feel like writing[…]

What am I going to do about my social media? Because I have people in my life addicted to specific platforms, deleting my accounts is akin to deleting them from my life. It’s a hostage situation carefully orchestrated by Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, and it’s frustrating to those of us not suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. At this point WordPress is doing all of my posting to Facebook and Twitter for me. It’s a convenient way to let the small handful of people the algorithms allow to see my posts know that I’m still alive and I still have a blog. Not that they’ll click a link and leave their network of choice. It’s more like I’m waving to them[…]