Back between the first and second issue, I told Patreon backers that I was going to give HUBRIS: The Journal of Cultural Horror a six-issue commitment. After that I’d re-evaluate. If it was selling well, I’d keep going. If it was only selling okay, but I felt it was having some sort of impact based on the feedback I received, I’d keep going. As long as I had something worthwhile to say, was getting some pleasure out of doing it, and it nourished my creative soul (yeah, I just said that, barf), I’d keep going. Meh. No, seriously. It’s selling okay, but I could make more money doing something else. Or I could forgo the little bit of extra money[…]

The video is a week old at this point, which in internet time is practically another epoch, but some topics are unfortunately evergreen. A customer shot video of a homeless man being kicked out of McDonald’s by police, even though that same customer had purchased a meal for the man. From personal experience working with the homeless, this is a very common type of occurrence. In most cases they don’t allow the person to finish their food, and many times won’t even allow them to take the food with them. My struggle is to not be judgmental toward the people that are clearly behaving judgmentally toward the homeless. It bothers me that I am being hypocritical toward a band of[…]

The fourth issue of HUBRIS: The Journal of Cultural Horror is now available to Patreon patrons! Download in PDF, EPUB, and Kindle formats! This monthly zine about the horrors of the modern world made possible thanks to my wonderful sponsors! In this issue: The Elephant in the Room is about gun control and mass shootings. Sitting here in February 2018, with all of the activism going on around the Parkland, Florida shooting and those amazing teenagers fighting back, how can I ignore this topic? I used to think conspiracy theories were funny, but in Can You See the Fnords? I explain when and why I stopped laughing. People who peddle these outlandish ideas now scare me, rather than inspiring me to[…]

That’s right, the new issue will be available to patrons on Wednesday, February 28th! This one will be absolutely packed with cheerful subjects (that’s sarcasm, folks) like child sex trafficking, conspiracy theories, the mistreatment of refugees, the Slenderman case, random death threats, drug testing for food, immigration reform, police brutality, and of course the hottest topic on everyone’s minds right now, gun control! Get informed and depressed at the same time! That’s Issue 4 of HUBRIS: The Journal of Cultural Horror, available on Patreon and, eventually, on Amazon. You can see the cover over at Patreon right now!

The third issue of HUBRIS: The Journal of Cultural Horror is now available on Amazon in Kindle format! This monthly zine about the horrors of the modern world made possible thanks to my wonderful sponsors on Patreon! Patrons also get access to the PDF and EPUB versions on the zine! In This Issue The Love and Fear Issue The Empathy Gap: From 911 to Trump Privilege, Entitlement and Victimhood The Pigeon is Jesus Famine in the Desert Please Notice How Much I Care Why We Need Gatekeepers Crowdsourcing Justice My Heroes are Men Wearing Dresses Civil War or WWIII? Was Jesus a Buddhist? Finding Good in the (Incredibly) Bad The Traps and Cliches of Male Rage Safe Spaces and Freedom of[…]