In this episode Katie and Berin talk about things people think that aren’t based on factual information. They discuss why being a creator is a real job, no matter what some people might think. They go over how some folks are beginning to feel the unforeseen consequences of Brexit. Finally, Berin makes a point that in a functional democracy, the notion of what is and isn’t a right isn’t fixed, and can be changed through legislation. Special Thanks Pertti Ankkuri Petri Nurmi Gary Weller Berin’s Blog Katie’s Instagram

Keeping a journal is something that I’ve done for years. It started when I was in art school and always had a sketchbook with me. Inevitably, I started writing other notes in it because it was handy. That practice expanded into a commonplace book, where I wrote down ideas for stories that I wanted to write. When I entered the corporate world, I graduated to a Franklin Covey planner, which my employer cheerfully paid for. Upon leaving that life, and unwilling to pay big bucks for a “system”, I started playing around with my own formats. That’s what ultimately led me to join the cult of the bullet journal. Now I write it down, get it done, and better manage[…]

Whether you’re a Buddhist or not, you have to accept the First Noble Truth: suffering exists. We all experience it to some degree. It could be serious in nature, like a major illness or the loss of a loved one. There might be a tragedy on a broader scale beyond ourselves, like war, a terrorist attack, or a natural disaster. Suffering could be something small and trivial that causes us frustration or discomfort. We need to honestly assess the scope and scale of our suffering. We need to employ Right View. Then we can use that perspective as a catalyst for self-care. What is Right View? Right View is the first step along the Buddhist Eightfold Path. It’s not meant[…]

For the month of June I’m moving to a twice-weekly blogging schedule. Before that kicks off tomorrow I wanted to take a moment to touch base, and to let you know what to expect to see in this space going forward. This is the State of Berin, June 2018. My June 2018 Mission Statement I remain true to myself and my values no matter what happens. My June 2018 Vision Statement I am well-organized, maintain the right focus, and have the flexibility to handle unexpected changes. Old Business Following The Inevitable Crash™ at the end of March, I spent April getting excess obligations off of my plate. There were tasks that I didn’t need to be doing, and loose ends[…]

In this episode of the Proof of Life podcast, Katie and Berin discuss the decline in the American birth rate. They talk about why people are choosing not to have children, which comes down to the same thing as always — money. Stagnant wages, student loan debt, and the crippling cost of medical care are among the topics covered.  Special Thanks Pertti Ankkuri Petri Nurmi Gary Weller Support Our Patreon Berin’s Blog Katie’s Instagram