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Tag: 31 Days of Self-Care


It’s a Cliche to Delete Facebook, But It Works

This isn’t one of those “Everyone look at me, I am leaving Facebook, weep for my forthcoming absence, listen to my list of grievances” dramatic…

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Create Your Own Definition of Self-Care

This seems like a repeat of yesterday’s self-care tip (which itself felt like a repeat of the previous day’s tip), but I think there’s a…

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Reject Other Peoples’ Definition of Self-Care

This might seem like a repeat of yesterday’s post, but it isn’t. You can reject someone’s specific self-care advice, but still agree with the general…

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Ignore Conventional Self-Care Advice

One of the best pieces of self-care advice that I can give is to ignore conventional self-care advice. In researching this month-long series I found…

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Treat Yourself and Make Your Meals Feel Fancy

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been doing some small things to make our meals more of an experience. I’ve already talked about cooking…

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